Matrix remover and slitter

matrix remover and slitter


The matrix removers give the user the ability to remove the waste material from printed or blank pre die-cut rolls of labels up to 350mm (13.77") wide onto 3” cardboard core and having an outside diameter up to 250mm (9.84”). The finished labels will be rewinded face out only.

Perfect full bleed labels can be achieved on pre die cut media after the waste material is removed.

Available in three versions, the narrower MCH100MTX17 allows media width up to 170mm (6.69”), the MCH100MTX25 can handle media up to 225mm (8.86”) while the MCH100MTX35 up to 350mm (13.77"). Both units include the slitter module.

The production of edge-to-edge printed labels on roll will become extremely easy and quick.

The unit is equipped with an electronic clutch system that allows the user to set manually the main media tension depending on pre die-cut label’s path complexity and type of media. During the operation the ultrasonic sensors together with the electronic controls will make sure to keep constant the tension on the media despite the roll diameter variation.

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Workflow optimization

Time Free is the the main benefit of this Matrix Remover & Slitter. Being an offline solution where load the printed pre die-cut roll, each job will be completed without any interruption which could have occurred during the printing process in case it was in-line with the printer.

Compatible Printers

label printers compatibles with matrix remover and slitter

Here some printer models compatible with the versions of the matrix remover:
✔ OKI Pro1040 / Pro1050
✔ Swiftcolor SCL4000D / SCL4000P
✔ Epson C3500 / C7500 / C6500 / ...
✔ VipColor VP750 / VP600 / ...
✔ ...

  MCH100MTX35 MCH100MTX25 MCH100MTX17
  MCH100MTX35 - matrix remover and slitter MCH100MTX25 - matrix remover and slitter MCH100MTX17 - matrix remover and slitter
Input / Output Roll Diameter 250mm (10”) 250mm (10”) 200mm (7.87”)
Maximum media width 350mm (13.77”) 225mm (8.86”) 170mm (6.69”)
Minimum slitting width 19mm (0.75”) 19mm (0.75”) 19mm (0.75”)
Number of slitting blades up to 12
(6 blades included)
up to 8
(4 blades included)
up to 6
(3 blades included)
Power requirements 100/240VAC - 5A
at 24V power supply
100/240VAC - 5A
at 24V power supply
100/240VAC - 2.5A
at 24V power supply
Roll core size 76 mm (3”)
Agency Certifications CE, RoHS

MCH100MTX35 89cm (35.03") 65cm (25.59") 54cm (21.25")
MCH100MTX25 89cm (35.03") 50cm (19.68") 54cm (21.25")
MCH100MTX17 79cm (31.10") 45cm (17.71") 53cm (20.86")



  • matrix remover and slitter detail
  • matrix remover and slitter detail
  • matrix remover and slitter detail
  • matrix remover and slitter detail
  • matrix remover and slitter detail
  • matrix remover and slitter detail