CEO Ufuk Akman sets to Introduce Turkey's First Two Laser Finishes Taurus

Temiziş - Ofset & Dijital - embraces D.P.R. Innovation

Temiziş Ofset & Dijital with laser label finisher TAURUS

A journey from LabelExpo Europe to Eskişehir, Turkey, spanning over 3000 kilometers, marks the path taken by our Taurus Laser Finishing Machine to reach its destination: Temiziş Ofset & Dijital. The second device, currently in production, will be installed later this year.

Temiziş Ofset & Dijital, recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Turkey, specializing in offset and digital label printing, has recently acquired two Taurus Laser Finishing Systems from D.P.R. These two lasers finishing systems, now complementing their two Screen digital presses and Omet flexo label press, are set to revolutionize their label business and expedite their deliveries.

The company, also equipped with two knife plotter technology finishing systems, quickly realized that their existing finishing process was no longer suitable for the volume of orders they were handling.

"We realized it’s just not efficient producing the short, medium, and large runs of label work we currently have on our finishing systems"
says Ufuk Akman, CEO of Temiziş Ofset & Dijital.

The units delivered to Temiziş Ofset & Dijital are the model TRS35PL, equipped with a 350W sealed CO2 laser source that can handle media up to 350mm wide at a speed of 30 m/min while maintaining high cut quality. Its compact footprint minimizes downtime and media waste during job changes.

Another key feature that attracted Temiziş Ofset & Dijital to the Taurus was its "banner feature which allows for the cutting of labels with no length limitations, crucial for supporting customers in the automotive industry, where 80% of the demand requires labels longer than 400mm.

"Before acquiring the Laser finishing systems from DPR, our label production was slow and lacked personalization. Now, with these innovative machines equipped with the UV varnish module, we can significantly accelerate our label production. In a single pass, we can deliver high-quality finished labels"
says Ufuk Akman, enthusiastically.
He adds:

"After exploring various options, DPR truly caught our attention, not just for their exceptional communication but also for the remarkable simplicity of their laser finisher. It's more than just a company; it's a dynamic force that recognizes its immense potential and is relentless in its pursuit of excellence, always guiding customers towards ideal solutions that turbocharge their businesses."

“We were excited to see Temiziş Ofset & Dijital install the first Taurus in Turkey"
remarks Michael Panzeri, vice president of D.P.R. Group. "This machine is a perfect fit for their strategic business, and we can’t wait to see how it helps them grow."

The Product

  • Aries  - Semi-rotary label finishing systems

  • TAURUS - Laser label finishing system

    No die tool anymore with Taurus, it is roll to roll digital converting solution powered by a Galvo system technology and equipped with a sealed C02 laser source to finish printed jobs at incredible cutting quality and speed.